Why we’ll never
get over undies

We believe undies should only ever be a barrier when they’re between you and your clothes. They should never be a barrier to cleanliness, to confidence, or to time spent in class. For too many in our midst, this is still not the reality.

Tens of thousands of kids don’t have access to clean underwear. Many children whose families struggle to make ends meet come to school with hand-me-downs or nothing at all, because they don’t have enough pair to get them through the week. Others have an accident, and have to hope that their school nurse buys backup pairs so they can change and return to class quickly.

Both scenarios can be humiliating—and even scary for students who are frightened a teacher or classmate can smell or tell what they’re missing. Learn how our very own Captain Underpants, founder Rabbi Amy Weiss, has been working to bring undies to everyone since 2012.

critical impact
pair of underwear donated to kids in need since 2012.
disaster relief
pair of underwear donated to kids in need since 2012.
By working to ensure that all children have access to the daily dignity of clean underwear, we promote the conditions for success every student deserves—from basic hygiene and better attendance to brighter outlooks about themselves and the world around them. Undies are often easy to overlook, but we believe these little layers can lead to greatness.

Who knows—whether through the simple act of giving or receiving new undies—one pair, somewhere, may be just the change a person needs.

In 2020, UFE’s distribution programs will serve over 300,000 students across Texas with over 500,000 pair of underwear. We couldn’t do it without you!

What We Value

an Ethical Backbone

We stand together with trust, transparency, honesty and responsibility.

a Nimble Stance

We take deft and decisive action with quick feet and creative thinking.

a Sense of Humor

We’re not afraid to look silly. Surprise and delight brings everyone closer.

a Laser Focus

We increase our impact by remaining experts on (and in) undies.

a Generous Spirit

Our hearts are full of compassion, kindness, mindfulness and empathy.

our team

Rabbi Amy Weiss

Executive Director

713.338.9676, ext. 1

Julie Hayon

Director of Finance & Operations

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Micki Bronston

communications manager

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Andrea Pogach

Distribution manager

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Kathryn Paine

development assistant

Amy Seigle

special projects

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Board of Directors

board chair
Barry Mandel
Discovery Green Conservancy
Eduardo Rios
Comal Creek Capital
Erica Hittner
Community Volunteer
Dr. Steve Alley
Fannin Pediatrics
Lisset Garza
Shell Oil Company
Gwen Johnson
Houston ISD
Stephanie Magers
Mark Parsons
Green Mountain Energy
Cyndy Garza Roberts
Megan Ryan
Judge Ken Wise
Justice at 14th Court of Appeals

Advisory Board

Dr. Brené Brown
Professor, University of Houston
Ron Coben
CEO, Pioneer Bank
Elyse Spector Kalmans
Community Volunteer
Jamie Kaplan
Senior Director, Consumer Technology Association
Anne Murphy
Director of Development, GCPP
Mimi Swartz
Executive Editor, Texas Monthly

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